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Also known as a preliminary bat survey or phase 1 bat survey, a bat scoping survey is an initial assessment of a building or other structure by a licensed bat surveyor for bats, evidence of bats or whether the building or structure is suitable for bats.

How much does it cost?

Great news – we offer a great value fixed cost for undertaking a bat scoping survey and report – always £395.00.

When can it be done?

A bat scoping survey can be undertaken at any time of year and usually takes 5 working days to complete.

What happens next?

A bat scoping survey is an initial assessment and depending on the results, may be enough to meet the requirements of planning or may indicate the requirement for further work. Further work depends on several factors, but generally speaking, if bats or evidence of bats are found then further bat emergence (activity) surveys will be required to meet planning requirements. Further surveys may also be required if the building or structure is considered suitable for roosting bats, where building with high suitability require more work than building with low suitability.

In some cases, where a building looks as though it may be suitable for roosting bats, then it may be a false economy to only do a bat scoping survey and in this case a more detailed emergence (activity) survey may be the best approach to maximise planning success at the best price. We always recommend that you talk to us and discuss your options, so that you get the best possible result.

Take a look at our information sheet for detailed information of the bat survey process.

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    Bats: A brief life history

    Bats are often misunderstood and are generally not portrayed in a very good light – this reputation is unfair as bats provide important benefits to the environment, particularly insect pests such as mosquitos, moths and other insects that can damage crops.

    Bats are nocturnal animals that are active between dusk and dawn during the summer months, retiring to communal roosts during the day to rest. Bats roosts not only serve as a place of rest after foraging all night, they also provide a refuge for bats to hibernate over the winter, and a safe environment for them to breed and raise their young. Bats typically establish roosts close to a ready supply of food (insects) and water, but as the seasons change, they may move the roost to another site that is more suitable to their needs at that time of the year.

    Current Status and Why Bats are Protected

    Bats are protected because they have suffered significant declines over the last few decades due to changes in land-use, loss of roosts within buildings and fragmentation of habitat.

    We are fortunate to have a wide variety of bat species in the United Kingdom (18 species in total), which are all legally protected. Under the current legislation it is illegal to deliberately disturb, capture, injure or kill bats. It is also illegal to damage or destroy a bat roost, or prevent bats from gaining access to their roost.

    How One of Our Bat Surveys Works

    In order to get local authority approval for any new development you will need to provide evidence that the proposed development will not pose a threat to bats — either directly, or indirectly by threatening their roosting sites. To this end, you will need scientific evidence confirming the presence or absence of bats on your development site. As a licensed ecological consultancy we can verify this by sending one of our ecological experts to your site to conduct a scoping bat survey during the daytime, inspecting the interior and exterior of buildings, as well as any trees on site, for any evidence of bats or bat activity.

    Should we find any evidence of bats or bat activity on your site or if the site is considered suitable for roosting bats, your local authority will likely request that a second bat inspection — or bat emergence survey — be undertaken. The bat emergence survey is seasonally limited to the summer months (1 May — 30 September), with inspections carried out at dawn and dusk — the time of peak activity at bat roosts, when bats are either returning to-or departing from their roosting sites.

    Take a look at our information sheet for a step-b-step guide to how our surveys work.

    What Happens if Bats are Present on your Site

    During the bat emergence survey all emerging bats or bats returning to the roost are recorded. Their species are noted, together with their flight paths and time of entry/exit. A bat emergence survey will confirm the presence of bats and their numbers, as well as identify the species. It will also provide important information such as the type of bat roost, the entrance/exit points, and what mitigating action needs to be taken to ensure the proposed development meets legal compliance.

    Mitigation may include doing the development work at a time of year when bats are absent to reduce disturbance. If however, the work will definitely damage or disturb where the bats are roosting then you may need to get a licence to do the work.

    • Thank you for all the work you have done. I wish to say, on our mum's behalf, that this work was completed in a most professional manner and I would have no hesitation in using your services in the future or indeed in recommending you to others. Mr E Herringham
    • I found the content most clear, comprehensive and very helpful with regard to mitigation and maintenance works. Quite splendid altogether. I'm really hopeful that we'll now be able to pass the torch to a developer who will do justice to this quite wonderful Somerset wetland site. 

      Mr C Rees
      Rees Consulting Ltd
    • I have recently used Crossman Associates for an old farmhouse which had bats present - they were recommended by my architect who had used them on another job. I have to say they were extremely good. Not only do Alex and Fairbrass have a fantastic knowledge of protected species they take a very sensible and practical approach when it comes to developing. I would definitely use them again if required and would recommend them to everyone. Mr D Purnell
      Property Developer
    • We have used Crossman Associates on several projects now and have found them to be both professional and flexible in balancing the needs of the client with the requirement to preserve habitats on site. Their reports are well presented and thorough, always meeting the requirements of Planning departments and offering positive enhancement to our projects. Highly recommended. Mr D Hernon
      Hernon Associates
    • We have now used Alex from Crossman Associates twice, both for river surveys to enable us to gain permissions to working within and around water courses. Alex produced detailed, well-presented surveys that ticked all the right boxes to enable us to gain permissions we were seeking. Will definitely use again. Mr S Smart
      Stonewood Design
    • Crossman Associates provide a prompt service with concise reporting to meet our clients' needs. Mr B Lowe DipTP (dist) MRTPI
      Chartered Town Planner
    • Alex Crossman provided an efficient, timely and responsive service in conducting a bat survey of my barn.  He worked well with my architect to find an acceptable solution to allow the conversion to take place. Mr N Tinworth
      Private Developer
    • Crossman Associates has worked with us on one large project covering a range of surveys and specialist requirements. They have greatly helped in the removal of potential statutory consultee objections, which have been crucial to our proposals, by completing thorough and well executed reports and surveys. Mr C Phipps – Director
      Premium Estates
    • I have worked with Crossman Associates for over 3 years now in my capacity as a Planning Consultant and I have been consistently impressed with Alex’s approach to the variety of projects we have worked on together. Crossman Associates have delivered work that is both robust and represents best value for our clients. Mrs C Baddeley – Senior Planner
      Jones Lang LaSalle
    • Having employed a number of ecologists in the past it was a relief and pleasure to work with one who was co-operative and constructive rather than censorious. Mr J Marshall
      Marshall & Kendon Architects
    • I am writing to advise you that Crossman Associates has worked for The Landscape Group on a number of projects in and around the Bath area for our principal client. These works have involved site surveys and the production of reports for Ecological Appraisal and Bat Activity Surveys. All reports produced have been thorough and well detailed but with all supporting documents user friendly in layout and easy to understand. I have been impressed with the professionalism of Alex and his team on any works that they have been involved in for us and would thoroughly recommend Crossman Associates for all aspects of ecology appraisals. Mr S Ayliffe – Contracts Manager
      The Landscape Group
    • Whilst applying for planning permission for a small extension on our property we were advised by the planning authority a need for a Bat Survey was required to allow the application to be accepted. The application decision was put back by 2 weeks to allow this to be undertaken. I approached Crossman Associates who upon awarding the work supplied the required survey and report within a fortnight and allowed my planning application to be granted. I have found Crossman Associates to be knowledgeable, efficient and provided the required deliverables on time. I would recommend Crossman Associates to anyone who in the future require any the services provided by Crossman Associates. Mr A Powell
      Private Developer
    • I have used Crossman Associates on numerous occasions predominantly for Bat surveys and have found them to be helpful, reliable and pragmatic. They are competitive and always meet the programme that has been agreed. I would have no hesitation to recommend them. Mr A Simcox
      Nick Joyce Architects
    • Many thanks for your speedy response to our need for a protected species survey and report to the Local Authority Planning Department in support of our Planning Application. The whole process was carried out with expert professionalism ensuring we experienced no delays to our project. Mr S Inwood – Director
      Cadmium Design
    • I am very pleased with the service Crossman Associates provides. I find them to be very friendly and helpful and always pleased with their quality of work. Mr R Rowntree
      Della Valle Architects
    • Alex and his team prepared a full bat survey on my barns recently. Not only was Alex completely flexible and accommodating on timings and scope, he was a utter pleasure to work with. He was informed on all the latest legislation and very knowledgeable in his field. Alex also kept me up to date at all stages with his findings promptly. Alex and his team were punctual, polite and respectful in all their dealings with me and my property. I couldn't recommend Alex and his team any more highly. I was delighted to have chosen him as our ecologist, and will be sure to use him again in the future. Mr and Mrs Saksida
      Private Developers
    • We needed an ecological survey of a forgotten piece of land before building our house on it.  Alex Crossman quickly and efficiently obliged, so when we finally applied for planning, his comprehensive report formed part of our request.  The planners were pleased that it had been done in advance, and were equally delighted with Alex's clear and all-encompassing written report.  It was money very well spent. Mr and Mrs Mochnacz
      Private Developers
    • Thank you for your prompt response to our project. I am extremely grateful for your professional service and have recently been granted full planning permission. Mr P Ford – Director
      Building Contractor
    • We appreciate your prompt report – it has helped the prospect of a decision on our planning application before Christmas! Mr and Mrs Marshalsay
      Private Developers
    • I would like to let you know how pleased I am with your services. The delivery of reports has been prompt and professional, the reports to a very high standard, and at an extremely competitive cost. Mr P Broom FRICS
      Chartered Surveyor
    • Thank you for your services, the bat survey that you carried out was done very professionally and I would definitely recommend you. Bromsgrove District Council were more than happy with your report. Mr N Price
      Private Developer
    • Now that the wind turbines are finally in place, I would like to thank you for all you help. We could not have done this without your input and knowledge. We will not hesitate to contact you again. Mr A Cox
      Wind Energy Developer
    • In the midst of a renewable energy project, we had to temporarily relocate a hedge while a power cable was laid. Our objectives were to minimise damage to the hedge and preserve any wildlife in it. We called on Alex at very short notice to help us achieve these objectives. It was the first time we had worked with him, and we were immediately impressed. He made himself available at short notice for the initial evaluation, and then quickly wrote up a method for the work. He worked to the engineering team’s schedule to conduct a survey and oversee the hedge relocation, and cheerfully put up with appalling weather conditions. A good combination of professionalism and pragmatism, we expect to use Alex again. Mr J Thompson
      Green Nation
    • Thank you for the quick and professional response and for understanding our needs so well.  It was our first foray into the world of bat surveys and reports for planning and we certainly felt we were in very good hands.  Very happy to recommend you. Mrs V King
      Dave Fishlock Building Contractors Ltd
    • We have worked with Alex of Crossman Associates on a number of times for protected species surveys. We have always found Crossman Associates to be professional and very easy to work with. Their work is always detailed, comprehensive and delivered on time. Mr D Forbes
      105 West Architects
    • We appointed Crossman Associates on a fast-moving development where we obtained reserved matters consent quicker than expected; we needed answers fast which were developer friendly but also ecological sensitive: Alex was very responsive, and contacted the ecological officer with a prompt resolution, which facilitated a site commencement earlier than programmed. Furthermore, Alex was on hand to meet on site and monitor works within an ecologically sensitive area which ultimately prevented any further delays that could have been experienced. Mr M Hough
      Barratt Homes
    • We instruct Crossman Associates to undertake environmental assessments on each of our projects and have done so for the last four years. We've maintained this relationship due to their professionalism and swift performance, producing reports and mitigation strategies that meet the required standards whilst being mindful of the commercial aspects of our projects. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Crossman Associates. Mr K Bird
      The Silverwood Partnership
    • Alex is my ecologist of choice.  I’ve worked with Alex on multiple sites over the last few years and he always delivers results that are commercially focused. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alex to my clients. Mr K Hunt
      Jones Lang LaSalle
    • Alex is yet to let us down. He offers a fast, reliable service, with an emphasis on providing practical, commercially minded solutions to Ecology matters whilst ensuring the safeguarding of protected fauna and flora always remains paramount. Mr B Ponting
      Jones Lang LaSalle
    • Atkins has used Crossman Associates for a range of ecological surveys since 2012.  They are helpful, flexible, competent and reliable, and dedicated to providing an excellent service at a competitive cost. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to others in need of professional ecological support. Mr D McLaughlin
      Atkins Global
    • Hamilton Properties Ltd have used Crossman Associates on numerous occasions over the last few years. On each occasion, we have found them to be efficient, friendly, and adaptable to our requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other property developers. Mr A Marlow
      Hamilton Properties Ltd

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