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Fast and excellent value bat surveys including bat scoping surveys and bat emergence surveys to inform you planning permission or bat licence.

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We will help you identify if you have any issues with badgers so that we can provide solutions to keep your project on track.

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With six species of native reptile protected under UK law, our excellent value reptile surveys will help you establish whether reptiles are present and advise you on progressing your project.

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3 reasons why we are the #1 choice for planning applications and licences

  1. Unbeatable speed

    Our consultancy was built for speed. You’ll benefit from fast quotes, efficient surveys and reports within days.

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    You’ll benefit from great prices that include expert surveys and detailed reports to maximise planning success.

  3. Pro-development

    Our key people have worked in planning and development so you can trust us to give you balanced and pragmatic advice.

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Expert protected species survey

A number of species are protected under British law and are a consideration in the planning process, so you need to make sure you have the correct advice before you submit your application or start your development.

Expert protected species surveys

Our team of experienced ecologists can assist with the full range of protected species surveys including:

  • bat surveys – often required on large rural sites or where buildings or trees are involved
  • great crested newt surveys – often required on sites near to ponds
  • reptile surveys – often required on unmanaged sites with long grassland or scrub
  • badger surveys – often required on overgrown sites

And it all comes in a great value package with friendly, expert advice.

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